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Simulate Multichannel Digital Marketing Campaigns


“Map-Out Your Business Ideas, Simulate Traffic, And Instantly See The Profit Potential”

Seem too good to be true? It’s not! is an online tool that replicates exactly what marketing strategists (both in-house and at other agencies) use to support strategic planning, budgeting, and measurement.

But this is an online, real-time calculating machine. With endless ways to simulate traffic scalability and maximize CPA, AOV, LTV, and ROAS. Or to help communicate a strategic approach to decision-makers.


Guessing on advertising spend?

Businesses with an in-house marketing department typically identify their annual media spend by analyzing two primary resources:

  • Previous year budget
  • Competitor spend

But what if the upcoming year or quarter isn’t the status quo? With shifts in how audiences consume media and safeguard their data. Brands need more reliable data that can be tested.

A typical calculation for identifying how an advertising dollar can turn into a sale looks something like this: Return on ad spend (ROAS): Revenue / Cost = ROAS (4:1 being a generally healthy goal)

Will you need to increase overall sales, ramp up new customer acquisition, or ensure a higher customer retention rate? Then you shouldn’t leave your budget up to the same ol’ formulas.

Solution for marketing budgets

By simply researching the latest quarterly reports on industry-specific conversion rates by channel and phase in a buyer or customer journey, you can get a more accurate estimate of how you can convert new leads and retain existing customers.

Plug those numbers into your communication cycle using a tool like Then you’ll have a tool that will help you stay agile and optimize campaigns while they’re in action.

Strategy and measurement matter most

Not sure where to start? Or need assistance with your marketing department? We have you covered.

Our team can reverse engineer your sales cycle, your competitor’s sales cycle, and those of top performers in your industry. We’ll then create a high-converting communications plan (as seen in complex, multichannel funnel strategies) with conversion rate data.

Then digitizing or automating your entire system can be a simple, streamlined experience.